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This is a secure form in which you can sign up for your opening or closing.  Please see privacy policy on the bottom of the page.  If you'd rather you can call the DeMotte Store at 219-987-4213

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Additional services: Blow out Econ. chemicals +$50Blow out Deluxe chemicals +$85Full Closing Add Pool Closing Complete + $34.99Salt Cell Cleaning +50
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  Week of  Sept. 11 for Rens. RouteWeek of  Oct. 9 for Rens. Route
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NEW Pool Closing Complete

Pool Closing Complete is a multi-functional product that can and should be added to any pool closing routine.  This product offers multiple benefits—(1) helps prevent corrosion (2) helps prevent scale and metal staining (3) helps keep pool surfaces clean.  Pool Closing Complete is an enhancement to any closing process.  Pool Closing Complete has been specially formulated for colder water and to address the challenges that pool owners may face during the off season.


$34.99 plus tax add on at closing! Up to 25k gals
(This is NOT the same formulation as Pool Complete)


Pool Closing Information:
Letters and emails will be sent to you if you have used us last year to open or close your pool. If you are a new customer and wish to be added to the list, contact the DeMotte store and we will see if you can be added in to the schedule. Letters are usually sent the 1st of April for opening and 1st of August for closing.


We no longer Accept American Express for Openings or Closings.                                                                                                                 

We will be closing pools during the following weeks:

      Sept. 5, Sept. 11, Sept. 18, Sept. 25, Oct. 2, Oct. 9, Oct. 16 and Oct. 23

You need to call 219-987-4213 to let us know which week you prefer and what type of closing service you want.  Or fill out the form above.  It will be a first-call first-serve basis since there are a limited amount of pools we will close in one week.  A current credit card number will be required to hold your space when you call.  WE ARE NOW CHARGING THE CARD 48 HRS BEFORE THE SERVICE IS DONE.  IF YOU ARE PAYING BY CHECK WE MUST RECEIVE THE CHECK IN THE MAIL 1 WEEK OR MORE PRIOR TO THE WEEK REQUESTED IN ORDER FOR YOUR POOL TO BE SCHEDULED.  We will EMAIL (please add bandfpools@gmail.com to your contact list so you for sure receive the email and it doesn't get spammed) you a day before to let you know we are coming.  Please have the water tested in the store and chemicals needed off the read-out added at least one week before you want the pool closed.  IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOUR TOTAL ALKALINITY IS CORRECT BEFORE WE CLOSE THE POOL. 

Due to weather and town routes, the requested week may be changed.  

Following are the closing prices:

Full closing for standard tube covers or anchor covers:  $355*

Full closing for automatic covers:  $335*

* Add on option of $34.99 (plus tax) for Pool Closing Complete with full opening option (up to 25k gals) - see                    above for benefits of adding this at closing.

Blow out:  $240*

* Economy Chemical package add on for blow out customers +$50 (plus tax) - includes winter shock and      winter algicide
* Deluxe Chemical package add on for blow out customers +85 (plus tax) - includes the economy package                  plus pool closing complete (for up to 25K gals)

Salt Cell Cleaning Addition +$50

Blue blowout gizmo $18.99 each

Black winter plug $3.99 each

Water Tube $9.99 (10 ft. 20 gauge double chamber)

*Additional charges may apply


*Full Closing Includes:  Filling of 15 water tubes (for those with tube covers).  Each additional tube will be $5 each.  If tubes are broken or missing, new tubes will be put on and added to the closing price.  Also included:  putting the winter cover on, removing the handrails (if needed), blowing the lines—plugging them—adding antifreeze (2 skimmers/4 return lines included in charge - $10 extra for each additional line), adding winter shock and algaecide to pool, and pressure washing earth or cartridge filters.  (1 earth filter and 4 cartridges included - each addition filter is $25)  The filter will be left apart (bolts located in pump basket).  A bottle of Strip Kwik and Kleen It will be left by the filter (for cartridge and earth filters.)  Your filter elements (fingers or cartridge) need to be soaked after we leave.  Instructions will be left by the cleaners.

*Blow Out Includes:  Blowing out the lines and adding antifreeze only.  (2 skimmers/4 return lines included in charge - $10 extra for each additional line), No chemicals are added and nothing is done to the filter. 


Thank you for your business this summer; we look forward to seeing you again next spring!  Remember that we run our yearly early-buy sale through the month of April.

2017 Opening letter starts below:


Dear Valued Pool Customer,                                                                                             

  All openings will be charged 48hrs before the service is done.  If you are not paying with a credit card a check must be mailed and receive the week prior to the week chosen.  (If we do not receive the check on time we will reschedule at our convenience) If any extra service or parts are needed during the opening it will be charged that day or a bill will be sent.  Thanks for understanding. 

              We no longer accept American Express for openings and closings.

Weeks available are:


You need to call 219-987-4213 to let us know which week you prefer and whether you want a Full Opening or Equipment ONLY.  Also please provide us with a current credit card number to hold your spot.  (If you do not want to give us a credit card then prepayment must be made in the store or by mail.)  It will be a first call first serve bases since there is limited amount of pools we can open in one week.  We will email (or call) you a day before to let you know we are coming.  Due to weather and service routes per town, the week requested may change.  This is especially true for those living in the Rensselaer and Valparaiso route area.

Opening prices for 2017 stayed the same and are:

Full Opening:                                        $360*

Equipment only:                                   $210*

Clean leaves out of Auto Cover Box     $50  

Opening Chemical Package: Reg. $142.99    on site $100

includes Pool Tonic to filter out contaminants and phosphates, Natural Results enzyme that cleans up scum buildup on walls and in water so filter doesn't have to work so hard, and 6 chlorine pucks in skimmer to start chlorine.  Then run pump continuous for 48 hrs (keep pressure down) after 48 hrs. change earth/pressure wash cartridges/backwash sand then bring in a water sample.

*If there are any time or day stipulations there will be a $100 up-charge for the request. 


 *Full Openings please have no more than 2-3” of water on the cover and all the debri removed

to avoid a $50 extra fee. 

*Equipment only must have all debri and water removed to avoid a $50 extra fee.

Full Opening Includes:

*Cleaning the cover and water bags (if have)

*Auto Covers Adjusted if needed and mechanisms checked.

*Applying Cover Cleaner to the cover for mildew resistance and deodorizer (not on automatic covers)

*Starting up your equipment—removing any plugs (changing sand or soaking fingers is not included), Service work on Heater not included.

*Replacing handrails if they were removed (please have them out by the poolside or they will not be put in)

Equipment ONLY includes:

*Removing plugs
*Starting the filter and heater (if heater needs service there will be extra charge)

*If you have an automatic cover please remove all the water to avoid a $50 extra fee to remove it.

*Putting handrails on


NO CHEMICALS ARE ADDED to pool with either option—apply chlorine sticks to skimmer and circulate the water for 24-48 hours then bring in a water sample to the store. 

We are celebrating 42 years! 

Thanks to you our loyal customers. 

In appreciation, we are running a


(BioGuard Chemicals—some exclusions)  

Thank you for your past business we look forward to seeing you this spring.  If you can’t make it into the store call in your order during the sale and we will deliver the chemicals on the day of your opening. (Payment is necessary at time of order).