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Pool Openings
We only open pools that we have closed.  You can sign up for an opening by filling out the form below or by calling the DeMotte office at 219-987-4213.  Scroll below to view the pool opening letter.  Please remember to keep your pool filled to regular level all winter long and keep the water off the cover when thawed.  This prevent cover and liner damage.

Opening signup

This is a secure form in which you can sign up for your Opening.  Please see the privacy policy on the bottom of the page.  If you'd rather you can call the DeMotte Store at 219-987-4213 to sign up.

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Type of Opening:
Additional Services for
Automatic cover Customers
Clean Out Cover Box +$50
Additional Services for
All Customers:
Add Economy Chemical Package +$50 (plus tax)
Add Deluxe Chem Package +$100 (plus tax)
Week Requested:

Rensselaer and Winfield/Valpo route will be routed by the most popular weeks requested. We will call you with what that is. 
Credit Card Number: (no american express)
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Dear Valued Pool Customer,                                                                                              

 It’s time to sign up for your pool opening and chemical order.  Spring is in full bloom (or trying to be!) Warm weather will be here soon. 


                       Opening Weeks available are:

The weeks of


(Customers in the Rensselaer and Winfield/Valpo Routes will be put in the weeks most requested—we will notify you if the week you requested changes)

 *If there are any time or day stipulations there will be a $100 up-charge for the request.


Sign up On-line above


or call 219-987-4213 to let us know which week you prefer and whether you want a Full Opening or Equipment ONLY.  Also please provide us with a current credit card number (no American express) to hold your spot.  We do not store previous credit card numbers to protect your privacy.  It will be a first call (sign up)first serve bases since there is limited amount of pools we can open in one week.  We will email (or call) you a day before to let you know we are coming.  Due to weather and service routes per town, the week requested may change.

Full Opening $*

Equipment ONLY $*

*extra charge will be applied if we need to spend extra time pumping water off the cover or scooping debri off the cover.

Add on services:

Cleaning leaves out of auto cover box: $

Apply Economy Chemicals*

Addition of Pool OPENING complete formulate to work in cold water to clean out winter filth from pool water and restore clarity and 6 chlorine Tabs in skimmer to start chlorine. 

Run pump continuous for 48 hrs (keep pressure down) then bring in a water sample.

Apply Deluxe Chemicals$*

Addition of Pool Tonic to filter out a wide variety of contaminants that build up in the winter and phosphates.  Its an extremely good water clarifier and chlorine demand reducer. Addition of Pool OPENING Complete specially formulated to work in cold water to clean out winter filth from pool water and restore clarity.  It works well together with pool tonic and 6 chlorine Tabs will be added to skimmer to start chlorine. 

Run pump continuous for 48 hrs (keep pressure down) after 48 hrs. change earth,/pressure wash cartridges/backwash sand (needs to be done to get rid of the phosphates and winter filth that's been pulled out) then bring in a water sample.

 *Plus Tax for pools up to 24,000 gals —if larger they times $by 1.5


Full Opening Includes:

*Cleaning the cover (auto, anchor or tarp) and water bags (if have) $50 charge if removal of leaves/needles/excessive water etc. is needed

*Auto Covers Adjusted/examined for repair and notified if needed

*Applying Cover Cleaner to the cover for mildew resistance and deodorizer for storage. (not on automatic covers)

*Starting up your equipment—removing any plugs (changing sand or soaking fingers is not included) if you have a cartridge filter please have the cartridges out by the equipment.   

* Heater repair is not included.

*Replacing handrails if they were removed (please have them out by the poolside or they will not be put in)

Equipment ONLY includes:

*Removing plugs

*Starting the filter and heater—heater repair is not included

*please remove all the water to avoid a $50 extra fee to remove it.

*Putting handrails on NOT INCLUDED

All openings will be charged 48hrs before the service is done.  If you are not paying with a credit card a check must be mailed and receive the week prior to the week chosen.  (If we do not receive the check on time we will reschedule at our convenience) If any extra service or parts are needed during the opening it will be charged that day or a bill will be sent.  Thanks for understanding.  We no longer accept American Express for this service.  We will try our best to accommodate your requests.


We are celebrating 45 years! 

Thanks to you our loyal customers. 

In appreciation, we are running a

 Up to 20% off sale . 

UP to 10% off 

(BioGuard Chemicals—some exclusions)

We accept phone orders and will deliver when we open your pool or you can pick up at the store anytime during April
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