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BioGuard’s Tru•Blue Promise

 will take care of you shall you ever experience cloudy water or algae. All you have to do is follow our once-a-week system using BioGuard products and regularly bring us water samples to analyze.  Pool turns and we cover the cost to clear it!

The TruBlue Pool Care Program:

Step 1                                      Step 2                                   Step 3                                   Plus +

            To clean the water             To remove containments             To prevent algae             To make water sparkle

           Use any of BioGuard’s               Use any of BioGuard’s                 Use any of BioGuard’s         Addition of Pool Complete

    Chlorine Silk Complete Products    Oxidizing (Shock) Products:              Algicide Products:             weekly or Optimizer Plus

        (Basic tabs not included)                    Smart Shock                 Back Up 2 or Algae Complete

                                                           Easy Shock N’ Swim                        Algae All 60

                                                               Burn Out 3 or 73                             Banish 


Bring us a water sample       Keep up the regular

monthly to analyze              maintenance

Making sure your water is balanced with BioGuard chemicals is          Your pool needs more than chemicals to stay 
essential to sparkling water.  
For the TruBlue Promise you'll have to         clean and clear. Remember that your water will
bring B&F Pools a water sample to analyze at least once a month.  We          only look as good as the filter media it passes by.
recommend you bring your water in twice a month for the best results.         Regular sand changes, routine backwashes, cartridge
No charge for testing.                                                                                and earth cleaning and periodic chemical cleaning are
                                                                                                               required for the pool to stay clean and clear.

To maintain the TruBlue Promise, you’ll have to actively balance your           Remember to follow the 5-Keys: Circulation, Filtration, water according to our recommendations.                                                   Cleaning,Home Testing, and Chemistry.

           The TruBlue Promise to you…

           If you follow all the stages of the program,

           We promise you won’t experience algae or cloudy water.

           If you do, we’ll take care of it.

With the TruBlue Promise, you don’t have to worry about algae or cloudy water.  If you ever happen to experience an issue with clarity or algae, bring B&F Pools a water sample to analyze your pool water.  As long as you’ve followed the program, you’ll receive the ALEX recommended products needed to revive your pool.  The TruBlue Promise does NOT COVER chlorine demand, combined chlorine issues, staining, or water balance issues.